Planes of Power


Access to zones and progression in Planes of Power.

Regular progression of Planes of Power:

Unlocked Zones by Level

By default, many zones in Planes of Power are unlocked behind flags. On EQ Might, many zones can be accessed by reaching a certain level. These are:

Unlocked Zones by Flags

For all zones that require a flag, you must always enter the zone manually. Entering manually grants you a permantent flag. After that, you can access the zones through Mike. This also applies to Plane of Time.

Progression in Planes of Power offers a simplified path.

In summary, this means the following flags are optional:

However, your Intricate Wooden Figure’s stats - which is an augmentation, not a charm! - consider those optional flags, and they will be lower if you don't have them.

Note: For PoP-zones that require a flag or minimum level, you need to zone in “normally” the first time. After that, you are permanently flagged for the zone, and can enter even if you don’t meet the (level-) requirements anymore.

Note: Adrienne in Plane of Knowledge sells some keys required to access certain areas in PoP-zones.


Fran, an NPC in Plane of Knowledge, offers characters in possession of the Quintessence of Elements back-flags for PoP Tier 1 and Tier 2. She grants a total of 31 flags and pre-flags including all encounters listed as optional. Getting the flags this way will not grant you any AAs

Shortcut for alts

Alt on same account

If you hail Fran with a character in possession of the Quintessence of Elements, she will also “tag” your account for Planes of Power. You can afterwards hail her with any other character from the same account and she raises their level cap to 65 and grants a Quintessence of Elements and a new charm. Doing so does not grant you any progression flags – thus the word “tag”. You can therefore still do all the progression instances and receive the AAs for completing them.

The next step you may want to do is gather a party and defeat Quarm (either starting in Plane of Time A or requesting it with a Quarm-flagged character from Mike in mode Normal- or higher) and thereby unlocking level 66 and completing Tier 7.

Alt on a new account

If you want to add a new member to your level 66-67 crew and would like to catch up as quickly as possible, you can do the following steps. You require 8 Tokens of Legendary Might.

Doing above either of the above steps will additionally give the character an invisible flag that allows them to request Luclin and PoP instances.

Plane of Time

"Regular" Plane of Time Lockout: 32 hours.
Mike's Instance for Plane of Time Lockout: 32 hours.


Once you are flagged for Plane of Time, you can get your first instance the "regular" way. Mike can teleport you to Plane of Time A. You need to be in a raid, and go to one of the portals to start a Plane of Time instance. Instances retrieved this way do not consider your party's Might, and there are no chest rewards when defeating Quarm.

Once you have defeated Quarm and hailed his spirit, Mike offers you Plane of Time instances directly. These instances have a difficulty mode, and unless you are in trivial mode, you get a chest reward at the end. You need to be in Mode Normal- or higher to get Quarm specific bonus loot.

Halting the Instance

Defeating Avatar of the Elements in phase 3 of Plane of Time spawns the NPC Bulwark of Time. Destroying the Bulwark of Time in mode Normal- or above spawns the quest NPC “Splitter of Times”. Talking to Splitter of Times allows ending the Plane of Time instance at this point in return for the quest item “Halted Timepiece”. Ending the instance prematurely has no impact on the Plane of Time lockout, which remains 32 hours. Ignoring the Bulwark and/or the Time Splitter allows you to continue the instance as usual.

Halted Timepiece can be used to start a new Plane of Time instance with Mike in Plane of Time A, which starts in phase 4. Regular flag requirements and lockout rules apply.

Upgrading Weapons from Time

Tuco in Plane of Knowledge offers two quests related to Plane of Time weapons.

Weapon to Essence

If you hand Tuco a weapon from Plane of Time, he will extract its essence and return it to you in the form of an augmentation. The weapon is consumed in the process.

Upgraded Weapon

If you hand Tuco (1) a weapon from Plane of Time, (2) the matching essence, (3) Quarm's Soul Essence and (4) a Timeforged Block of Steel, he will reward you with a legendary weapon, which contains an additional augmentation slot type 6 and has at least 180 HPs/Mana/End (x1.5 for 2-Handed weapons).

Quarm's Soul Essence can be found in the Treasure Chest of Time, which spawns when Quarm is defeated in any Normal or Hard mode.

A Timeforged Block of Steel can be bought from Adrienne for Legendary Tokens of Might for players with good faction.

These quests are valid for the following weapons: Bow of the Tempest, Cudgel of Venomous Hatred, Darkblade of the Warlord, Edge of Eternity, Ethereal Destroyer, Greatblade of Chaos, Greatstaff of Power, Hammer of Holy Vengeance, Hammer of Hours, Hammer of the Timeweaver, Hopebringer, Jagged Timeforged Blade, Serpent of Vindication, Shinai of the Ancients, Songblade of the Eternal, Timeless Coral Greatsword, Time's Antithesis, Timespinner, Blade of the Hunter, Vanazir, Dreamer's Despair, Wand of Impenetrable Force, Wand of Temporal Power.