Progression Guide

Getting Started

You wield the Charm of Might, which also has a damage shield clicky-effect, and its augmentations starting at level 1. If you lose these precious items, seek out Gene and Walter, who can provide you with replacements.

Seek out the elusive Nacho, who can provide you with free low-level clarity and healing potions to aid you in your battles.

But as you progress, you will need to upgrade your gear. Monsters level 5 to 49 can drop custom armor called Fluffy and Roughy's Armor, which are improved versions of standard leather, banded and plate armor. Fluffy in Plane of Knowledge sells some useful items, including different rings.

There are many NPCs in the Plane of Knowledge who can offer teleportation to various locations. When unlocked, they can also send you to instances of different Tiers.

Unlocking Levels

Initially your level is capped at 52. To ascend to level 55, you must prove your worth in the Tier 1 progression instances. You can choose to face the challenges alone or with a group. For group instances, you should gather a team with a Might 6. The suggested Might for each instance can be found in the Might-Table.

Once you have assembled your team, venture forth to Permafrost or Nagafen's Lair and seek out the NPC at the zone-in. Hail Marta in Permafrost or Linda in Nagafen's Lair, and request the instance. Then, with your team at your side, face the fearsome Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen. In the solo path, you face the savage GrimClaw and Allizewsaur.

But your journey does not end there, for you must gather the flags of each era to unlock the next. Seek out the spirits of the defeated progression NPCs and hail them with each of your characters to claim the flag. And when you have gathered all the flags of an era, the instances of the next era will be open to you.

Do not forget to check your progress with Sir Daniel at the hub, for the road ahead is long and treacherous. When you have completed an era, remove your augments from your charm and hand it to Charlotte. She will return to you an upgraded version.

Instance Modes

Instances come in modes, which are set at the time of requesting the instance.

If you request an instance with the suggested Might or slightly below, it will be in Normal mode. If you manage to defeat the boss in this mode, you will be rewarded with a chest filled with additional loot, including Tokens of Might.

If you opt for Easy mode, the rewards are meager in comparison. This mode is only activated if you exceed the suggested Might level.

On the other hand, if you're feeling daring and bring only half or less of the suggested Might, Hard mode will be automatically enabled. These instances spawn an additional chest including an invaluable coin which unlocks new items sold by the Merchants of Might. It is also needed to make class specific Artifacts. Consult Cloe beforehand. The first Hard mode instance that new players should attempt is Innoruuk for groups or Cazel for solo players.

If you bring an excessive amount of Might to an instance, you will enter Trivial mode. However, there is no chest reward in this mode.

Remember, the NPC spirit required for progression will spawn in all modes, but not when killing the boss in the open world.

Party Size

All instances up to and including Kunark are designed for a party size of 6. You can reach the maximum allowed Might for normal mode with 6 characters. Experience in a group of 6 is about 5-10% better than in a raid of 6.

Starting in Velious, the instances allow more Might than a progression group of six can fill. Velious is also quite a step up from Kunark in difficulty. The Velious progression path A can be completed with 6. Path B is a bit tough for 6, and particularly NToV is something you may want to do with a partner and choose the easy mode.

In Luclin you probably want to either team up with someone or play 9. Seru and Emperor can be done with 6, but Vex Thal will be rather slow and challenging for 6.

Even though not impossible to beat with 6, Dragons and Idols is designed for two people playing 6 each or someone playing 9.

Soloing and 2-boxing it is possible to beat some of the group progression targets thanks to the Aura of Might which boosts smaller party sizes, but it is harder than with a larger party.


Might reflects the potential power of a character. It is usually a good plan to keep the party's Might low, for this will grant you higher rewards and possibly grant you an Aura of Might in the instance. Therefore, it is suggested to first get all the relevant AAs before leveling up. A level 55 with many AA may be equally strong as level 60 with almost no AA, if both wear the same gear, let's say from Kunark. However, the potiental of the level 60 with a lot more available AAs, spells and gear, e.g. from Vex Thal has a much higher potential which is why they count for 10 Might whereas the level 55 only counts as 4 Might.

Progression Chart

Player Guides

Tier 0

Level 1-44

Custom Equipment


There are various NPCs in Plane of Knowledge that can send you places. Pick which ever zone you like. Level up at your own pace. If you wanna level up quickly, then Kurn's Tower is a good choice up to level 24. After that, Dalnir, Nagafen's Lair, Velktor's Labyrinth (40+) and Veksar (45+).

Using Origin AA gets you back to Plane of Knowledge.

Auto-scribe, and auto-skill-up is enabled up to level 44. After that you can buy spells, for example in the library in Plane of Knowledge or visit Mazikeen.

Permafrost offers your first instance, you can get from Marta inside regular Permafrost. Completing this instance will grant you at least 1 Token of Might as a reward. Reclaim the Token (inventory, alternate currencies, reclaim) and visit Walter for your first shopping.

Here is a list of all available instances.

Tier 1 - Classic

Level 45-52

Custom Equipment


Once you achieve level 45, you become eligible for progression instances. Depending on the instance, your class(es), and equipment level, it may be wise to level up to 52 beforehand.

If you prefer playing solo, you can request solo-instances from Uriel in the Plane of Knowledge. On the other hand, if you play in a group, you can request instances for Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen, which can be requested inside the dungeons of Permafrost and Nagafen's Lair respectively.

Both dragons have a couple of giants which need to be cleared first. The dragons are leashed, this makes it much easier to clear their surroundings. Dragons cast AoE fear and dispell. It's therefore good to setup your buffs properly before engaging: Have Shield of Torment in your first buff slot and instantly recast it after a dispell (in E3, you can do this by adding this line: Instant Buff=Charm of Might). Use resist magic/fire/cold buffs. When fighting Nagafen, it can be helpful to have levitation, so in case you get feared, you don't get stuck in the lava.

Once you have completed either both solo instances or both group instances, you will have finished Tier 1 and unlocked Tier 2. At this point, you can level up to 55. It is also possible to complete both paths, solo and group, and receive the AA reward for both.

Tier 2 - Classic Planes

Level 53-55

Custom Equipment

If you keep your party's Might at 18 or below for Tier 2 progression instances, you will be put in mode Hard- and receive a Hard-Mode-Treasure Chest containing an invaluable coin, which you hand to Cloe to unlock new items. Hail Cloe to see what quest rewards you class can get from her.


Your group progression targets are now Innoruuk in Plane of Hate and Cazic Thule in Plane of Fear. Innoruuk is slightly easier than Cazic Thule. Both instances are requested from Amenadiel in Plane of Knowledge. 

The solo progression targets are Cazel and Phinigel Autropos. It's recommended to do Cazel first. He can drop a health potion with unlimited charges and a helmet with underwater breathing, which is very helpful for Phinigel, since he is in Kedge Keep - an underwater dungeon.

Tier 3 - Kunark

Level 56-59


Group progression targets are Venril Sathir and Trakanon.

Solo progression targets can now be entered with up to the characters and are requested from Father Kinley.

Tier 4 - Velious

Level 60

Custom Equipment


You may find that you need to gather some extra pieces of gear and AAs before tackling the Velious progression targets. Besides the custom equipment, you can find decent items in Veksar, Velketor's Labyrinth, Temple of Veeshan - Halls of Testing or zones with fabled NPCs suitable for your level, such as Karnor's Castle or Sebilis.

In Velious, there are two distinct group progression paths available. The first one, known as the Giants-path, is relatively easier and involves facing King Tormax, The Final Arbiter, and Velketor the Sorcerer. The second path, called the Dragon-path, requires challenging Zlandicar, Lord Yelinak, and Vulak Aer.

These raid bosses in Velious present a significant increase in difficulty compared to those in Kunark. While it was possible to tackle Kunark raids without reaching the maximum level or having top-tier gear, Velious demands higher requirements. Specifically, you will need a capable tank with at least 8,000 HP and 1,500 AC, or even more with your own buffs, to effectively handle these encounters.

Alternate Level Unlocks

Besides the regular progression, there are a couple of alternate ways available to increaes the level cap. Unless stated otherwise, these ways are pure level unlocks and do not grant any flags or Charm of Might upgrades.

Unlock Levels 55, 58, 60

You can unlock these levels by talking to Sir Daniel in Plane of Knowledge. If your level cap is level 52, he will offer to increase it to 55 for a fee of 1000 platinum. He will also offer to increase the level cap to 58 and 60 for an additional fee.

Unlock Level 65

If any character on the account is in possession of the Quintessence of Elements, every character on the account can unlock level 65, retrieve a Quintessence of Elements and retrieve a Charm of Might (Power) for free by talking to Fran.

Unlock Level 66

Defeat the Ancient Statue of War in the instanced Plane of War in Normal Mode or higher (Normal- is too low). Loot the Ancient Battle Plans and hand them to Sir Daniel in Plane of Knowledge. This will unlock level 66 and grant 10 AA points.

Unlock Level 67

Defeat the Legend of the Spider Den in Mode Normal- or higher (he won't spawn in a lower mode). Loot the Legendary Battle Plans and hand them to Sir Daniel in Plane of Knowledge. This will unlock level 67 and grant 20 AA points.

Characters who complete Tier 9 (Ancient Warlord Petrad and Summoran), but have not yet completed Tier 8 (Ancient Seer Venos, ZMTZ, Tunat), will unlock level 67 instead of level 68. Once they have completed all of Tier 8 and 9, they can hail Sir Daniel to unlock level 68.