Progression Guide

Getting Started

As you embark on your journey, you wield the powerful Charm of Might and its augmentations, complete with a devastating damage shield clicky-effect. But beware, for if you lose these precious items, all hope is not lost. Seek out Gene and Walter, who can provide you with replacements to keep you in the fight.

As you venture forth, seek out the elusive Nacho, who can provide you with free low-level clarity and healing potions to aid you in your battles.

But as you progress, you will need to upgrade your gear. Once you have amassed enough wealth, seek out Fluffy and Roughy to purchase basic armor to protect yourself from the dangers that lie ahead.

Traveling can be treacherous, but fear not. You can make your way to your destination through traditional means, such as using the stones in the Planes of Knowledge. Alternatively, you can enlist the help of the dungeon masters, who can whisk you and your party away to a dungeon of your choosing. And if that's not enough, there are other NPCs nearby who can teleport you to various locations.

Remember, the road ahead is fraught with danger, but with the right tools and allies, you can emerge victorious.

Unlocking Levels

The path to greatness lies before you, but it is not an easy one. You must first reach level 52, and only then will the true journey begin. The zones of all eras are open to, but beware the standard level restrictions.

To ascend to level 55, you must prove your worth in the Tier 1 progression instances. You can choose to face the challenges alone or with a group, but the trials will be arduous. For group instances, you must gather a team with a Might of no more than 6, and the suggested Might for each instance can be found in the Might-Table.

Once you have assembled your team, venture forth to Permafrost or Nagafen's Lair and seek out the NPC at the zone-in. Hail Marta in Permafrost or Linda in Nagafen's Lair, and request the instance. Then, with your team at your side, face the fearsome Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen or the savage GrimClaw and Allizewsaur.

But your journey does not end there, for you must gather the flags of each era to unlock the next. Seek out the spirits of the defeated progression NPCs and hail them with each of your characters to claim the flag. And when you have gathered all the flags of an era, the instances of the next era will be open to you.

Do not forget to check your progress with Sir Daniel at the hub, for the road ahead is long and treacherous. And when you have completed an era, remove your augments from your charm and hand it to Charlotte. She will return to you an upgraded version, a symbol of your triumph over the challenges that lie ahead.

Instance Modes

The difficulty of an instance is an unyielding force, unwavering in its challenge. It is the strength of your party at the time of request that determines the instance mode, dictating the level of difficulty you will face. Even if you level up after requesting an instance, the mode remains unchanged.

By default, Normal mode is the standard level of difficulty when requesting an instance. If you manage to defeat the boss in this mode, you will be rewarded with a chest filled with additional loot, including Tokens of Might.

If you're feeling particularly confident, you can opt for Easy mode, but beware - the rewards are meager in comparison. This mode is only activated if you exceed the suggested Might level.

On the other hand, if you're feeling daring and bring only half or less of the suggested Might, Hard mode will be automatically enabled. These instances spawn an additional chest, but only the bravest of warriors should attempt them. Consult Cloe beforehand. The first Hard mode instance that new players should attempt is Innoruuk.

If you bring an excessive amount of Might to an instance, you will enter Trivial mode. However, there is no chest reward in this mode, so it's not for the faint of heart.

Remember, the NPC spirit required for progression will spawn in all modes, but not when killing the boss in the open world. So choose your mode wisely and prepare for battle!

Party Size

All instances up to and including Kunark are designed for a party size of 6. You can reach the maximum allowed Might for normal mode with 6 characters. Experience in a group of 6 is about 5-10% better than in a raid of 6.

Starting in Velious, the instances allow more Might than a progression group of six can fill. The Velious progression path A can be completed with 6. Path B is a bit tough for 6, and particularly NToV is something you may want to do with a partner and choose the easy mode.

In Luclin you probably want to either team up with someone or play 9. Seru and Emperor can be done with 6, but Vex Thal will be rather slow and challenging for 6.

Even though not impossible to beat with 6, Dragons and Idols is designed for two people playing 6 each or someone playing 9.

Soloing and 2-boxing it is possible to beat some of the group progression targets thanks to the Aura of Might which boosts smaller party sizes, but it is harder than with a larger party.


Listen closely, for the concept of Might is not to be taken lightly. A mere difference of one level can mean the difference between success and failure. A level 54 and a level 55 seem similar, but the potential of the latter is far greater. With access to new AAs and gear, the level 55 is a force to be reckoned with. That's why the jump in Might from certain levels, like 59 to 60, is so significant.

If you dare to attempt Lady Vox in hard mode with newish characters, be warned - it is not for the faint of heart. But if you want to increase your chances of success, consider this: three characters of level 52 (total Might 3) are more formidable than one of level 54. The concept of Might is not just about individual strength, but also about the power of teamwork. With lower level characters, you can create a useful alt team or extend a higher level team.

Velious allows for a Might of 75, which means you can have a team of 7 level 60s (70 Might) and 2 level 53s (4 Might). But remember, Might is not just a number - it represents the potential for greatness. So choose your team wisely, and may the odds be ever in your favor.