Spells & Auras


Compared to live, many auras on EQ Might are boosted.

  • The Enchanter's auras have received the biggest boost (Illusionist's aura is 24 Mana/tick + 8% spell damage mitigation, whereas on live it's only 6 Mana/tick).

  • Most other auras have received around a 50% bonus compared to live.

  • The Bard's auras are unaltered.

The idea behind boosted auras is to encourage players using different classes.

Level 55 Aura

Level 66 Aura


Aura of Insight

1-15% spell damage (max level 60, lose 5% over cap)

25% melee overhaste

Aura of the Muse

1-30% spell damage (max level 75, lose 5% over cap)

25% Melee overhaste


Aura of Rage

60 attack

35% critical damage

Bloodlust Aura

100 attack

45% critical damage


Aura of the Zealot

3% mitigate melee damage

Aura of the Pious

5% mitigate melee damage


Aura of the Grove

25 HP/tick

remove 3 disease counters/tick

remove 3 poison counters/tick

Aura of Life

50 HP/tick

remove 4 disease counters/tick

remove 4 poison counters/tick


Beguiler's Aura

15 Mana/tick

5% mitigate spell damage

Illusionist's Aura

24 Mana/tick

8% mitigate spell damage


Discipline's Aura

7% riposte

7% parry

7% block

Master's Aura

15% riposte

15% parry

15% block


Holy Aura

5% heal rate

Blessed Aura

8% heal rate


Myrmidon's Aura

2% proc chance

90 AC

Champion's Aura

3% proc chance

150 AC


There is a handful of spells which have been modified and/or are available through the click effect of an item.


Spell Effect

Artifact of the Jaguar

Made by Shamans

Usable by SHM/BST/DRU

Required level 57

Spirit of the Jaguar

Single Target: Add proc Jaguar Maw, proc rate 400

Jaguar Maw effect: -350 HP, -350 resist check

Artifact of the Leopard

Made by Shamans

Usable by SHM/ENC

Required level 65

Talisman of the Leopard

AoE: Add proc Leopard Maw, proc rate 400

Leopard Maw effect: -450 HP, -350 resist check

Artifact of the Oak

Made by Druids

Usable by DRU/RNG/SHM

Required level 66

Blessing of Oak

AoE: 70 HP Regen

AoE: 7 Endurance Regen

Bone Shield of Malady

Dropped by Skeletal Fury in The Spider Den.

Usable by SHD

Required level 65

Echo of Malady

AoE: 1-25% disease spell damage (max level 70, lose 5% over cap)

AoE: 10% chance to resist fear

Spell: Boon of the Brute

Sold by Walter

Usable by ENC

Required level 66

Boon of the Brute

Illusion: Troll

Add Proc: Runic

Combat Stability +3

150 HP Regen

Spell: Boon of the Firebeast

Sold by Walter

Usable by ENC

Required level 60

Boon of the Firebeast

Illusion: Pyrilen

Add Proc: Fiery Strike II

60 Fire Resist

1 to 25% Spell Damage, Limit: Resist (Fire allowed)

15 Mana Regen

Spell: Boon of the Vampire

Sold by Walter

Usable by ENC

Required level 65

Boon of the Vampire

Illusion: Dark Elf

Add Proc: Siphon Life

25% Melee Overhaste

1 to 30% Spell Damage, Limit: Resist (Magic allowed)

15 Mana Regen

Spell: Hierophant's Behest

Bought in PoK Library

Usable by DRU

Required level 64

Hierophant's Behest

Summons a level 58+ bear pet.

Spell: Nature Walker's Behest

Dropped by various NPC or bought in PoK Library

Usable by DRU

Required level 55

Nature Walker's Behest

Summons a level 52 bear pet.

Trinket of Terris

Bought from Walter


Required level 51

Lure Scent of Terris

-56 fire resist

-56 poison resist

-56 disease resist

-22 corruption resist

-300 resist check

All other Artifacts

Made by individual classes

or bought from Cacuzza

unaltered spell effects

All other Trinkets

Bought from Walter

unaltered spell effects

Ancient spells

Level 60 ancient spells can be bought from Walter.

Level 65 ancient spells are quested and require a Chaos Rune, dropped by Fabled Venril Satir, Fabled Trakanon, or GoD bosses.

Generally, all detrimental ancient spells have received an additional -150 to their resist checks.

Other spells

A set of debuffs and other detrimentals spells have received a -50 to -100 modifier to their resist checks.

For details of the initial adjustment, see release notes from August 16, 2022.