MQ2 / E3 for New Players

This section is aimed at new players who have never used MQ2 / E3 before.

What is MQ2 / E3?

MacroQuest2 (MQ2) is a third party software that allows you to send commands from one of your EverQuest clients to other clients. It can be used to send command to your party to follow you, or attack a target or sit and med up.

E3 is, in simple words, a sophisticated macro that uses MQ2 and allows you to configure what spells and abilities your characters should use. So instead of using a regular MQ2 command to order one of your party members to cast a heal, you can configure that party member and tell it whom they should heal, at what health percentage and with which spell.

Note: This guide written for MacroQuest / E3 from 2018. There are newer versions out today which may behave differently.


Download and install MQ2 or E3 (normally E3 installations have MQ2 already included).
Once installed, there are two executable you need to start:

eqbcs2.exe  :  This is the EQ Box Chat Server. It will open a command window and you can see all the commands that are issued. You can minimize this window if you want.

MacroQuest2.exe  :  This is the main executable, it allows you to execute macros. Once started, it will go minimized to to the taskbar. You can right-click it to use issue commands, but for now, you can just leave it.

Basic Commands


/bca [command]  :  send a command to all other characters connected to the chat box

/bcaa [command]  :  send a command to all characters connected to the chat box

/bct [command]  :  send a command to a specific character

/bccmd quit  :  disconnects the character from the chat box; you may want to use this for a character that should stay "afk" and now longer follow your commands

/bccmd reconnect  :  reconnects the character to the chat box

/mapshow npc  :  shows all NPCs on the map; note that on some servers this command is prohibited, it is allowed on EQ Might


/bcaa //alt act 331  :  activates alternate ability 331 (origin) on all characters

/bct Lisa //say hello  :  tells character Lisa to say "hello"

/bct Spankee //disc innerflame  :  activates the Innerflame discipline on character Spankee


/mac e3  :  Load E3

/bcaa //mac e3  :  Load E3 on all characters

/followon  :  Follow the character who issued to command

/followoff  :  Stop following

/assiston  :  Assist and attack the current target

/backoff  :  Stop attacking

/debuff  :  Cast debuffs (defined under [Debuffs] Debuff on Command=) on current target

/dot  :  Cast dots (defined under [DoTs on Command] Main=) on current target

E3 Configuration

Once you logged in with a character and start E3 for the first time, it will create a configuration file for the character in the directory \Macros\e3 Bot Inis. It will create a default configuration depending on the class of the character.

You can then open and edit it.


In the section [Buffs] you define what buffs you want your character to cast.


Bot Buff=Mark of the Predator/Nebula/Gem|5/MinMana|30/CheckFor|Howl of the Predator

Above line casts the buff "Mark of the Predator" on character Nebula (if such a character is connected to the chat box). If the spell is not already memorized, it will be memorized in gem slot 5. It will only be cast if there is at least 30% mana available. It will not be cast if the target already has the buff "Howl of the Predator" (unfortunately, you can only define one other buff). The parameters after the target (Nebula) are optional.

Under Combat Buff= you define which buffs are cast during battle.

Under Group Buff= you define which buffs you cast if another player asks for buffs using the command /tell your_character buff me.

Melee Abilities

In the section [Melee Abilities] you define what melee abilities, such as Kick or Backstab your character should use when they are up. In order for E3 to recognize them, you have to first enable them on your Actions tab in the EQ client.

Melee Ability=Flying Kick


To configure heals, two things are needed. (1) Define which of your characters are tanks (they get priority) and who else should be healed. (2) Define the spells that should be used and at what percentage. Here is an example:



Important Bot=Lisa

Tank Heal=Complete Heal/HealPct|70/Gem|6

Tank Heal=Ethereal Light/HealPct|50/Gem|8

Important Heal=Ethereal Light/HealPct|60/Gem|8


You can configure debuffs to be automatically cast on assist, or only on command.

Example: drowsy will be cast when /assistOn is called


Debuff on Assist=Drowsy

Debuff on Command=

Example: drowsy will be cast when /debuff is called; if resisted, it will be cast a maximum of three times


Debuff on Assist=

Debuff on Command=Drowsy/MaxTries|3

To find out how other abilies work, best take a look at the samples for cleric and monk configuration here.

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