Dragons of Norrath


There is no progression offered for Dragons of Norrath. The faction and tokens NPCs in Lavastorm Mountains are disabled. Instead you can simply access those zones and raid instances through Suki the Cobra in Plane of Knowledge.



This instance features the two events Emush the Destroyer and Tirranun.

Solo/Duo Instance

Tirranun can be requested as a Tier 6 solo/duo instance from Father Kinley by players who have completed the Tier 5 instances. If it is requested by two players, both must have completed Tier 5.

In the solo instance, Emush's strength does not increase over time and its guards do not respawn. The solo instance also features a unique named: The Goblin Hall Guardian.

Group Instance

The group instance can be requested by players who are at leaste level 60. It is aimed at players around level 65.

Emush the Destroyer's strength grows over time. The timer starts as soon as the group enters the instance, so make haste to get to him before he becomes too powerful.


This group Tier 9 instance can be requested by players who have defeated Quarm. It is aimed at players level 66-67.


This group instance features the raid event Vishmitar and the nearby named T'Shara (Tier 8). It can be requested by players who have defeated Quarm. It is aimed at players level 67-68.

Vishimtar is harder than Yar'Lir. Vishimtar does not drop any quest items (since these quests are disabled), instead, he drops the final quest-reward items directly in addition to his regular loot table.


Teleports offered by Suki the Cobra.

Plane of Knowledge

Suki the Cobra offers teleports to: