Notable NPC

Sir Daniel

Progression and Level Cap

Plane of Knowledge

Sir Daniel gives you an update on your current progression path. Note that for Velious, there are two separate group progression paths. Completing one will unlock Luclin instances. You can do both Velious progression paths and get full reward (AAs) for both.

For characters with a level cap of 52, he offers to raise your level cap to 55 for 1000 platinum. He does the same from 55 to 58. This feature should only be needed in rare siutations, e.g. people who 2-box and want to tackle group missions without doing the solo-progression path first. It gives them a better chance to beat Vox and Nagafen with two character of level 55, instead of level 52. For people playing a full group, this level cap raise should not be needed, since you get the level cap increase by beating the progression.

Keep in mind: The NPC spirits for progression only spawn in instances. They do not spawn if you defeat a progression mob in the open world.


Epic 1.0, Epic 1.1, Class-Clicky

Plane of Knowledge

Cloe is a custom currency merchant. She will sell you Epic 1.0 weapons. Epic normally cost 2 Tokens of Epic Might. For classes which receive two weapons, such as Warrior, Ranger and Beastlord, each weapon is 1 Token of Epic Might.

She also sells augmentations to upgrade your Epic 1.0 to a Epic 1.1. These augmentations generally cost 3 Tokens of Epic Might.

For most spell-casting classes, Cloe will offer you a clicky-item if you hand her a "Voucher for class buff artifact" or a "Voucher for group class buff artifact". Hail her to see what rewards she has for you. Not all classes get a reward. The rewards are tradeable and normally also usable by two other classes.

"Voucher for class buff artifact" can be purchased from Walter for 10 Tokens of Might. However, he only offers you this if you have good faction with him. To get the good faction, you need to give him or Cloe an "Invaluable Coin". Winning a progression instance in Hard/Hard- mode yields a chest which will always contain an Invaluable Coin.

To request a mission in Hard mode, your party's Might must be half or less of the maximum allowed Might. For example, for an Instance of Innoruuk, you are automatically in Hard (or Hard-) mode if you enter with 15 (or 18) Might or less.


Sacrifice Level

Plane of Knowledge

Mazikeen can de-level you. This is something you may want to do if you want to lower your Might.

You de-level one level at a time. You can't de-level under level 51.

For every level you sacrifice you receive a Token of Might in return.

If you sacrifice level 51+ for the first time, Mazikeen teaches you all spells from levels 46-52.

If you sacrifice level 59+ for the first time, Mazikeen teaches you all spells from levels 46-59 and all disciplines up to level 59.

If you sacrifice level 64+ for the first time, Mazikeen teaches you all spells from levels 46-64 and all disciplines up to level 64.

If you sacrifice level 54+/57+/62+/64+/67 you get 1/2/3/4/10 AAs respectively in return.

Mazikeen will teach you additional skills, especially if you are a rogue.


Dungeon Master

Various zones

Lucifer acts as a dungeon master like the other dungeon masters. However, he is a bit smarter than them. He remembers your actions. If you met him in Sactus Seru near the Inquisitor, he will send you to that location in the future instead of the zone-in. He also remembers if you have been in the Emperor Ssraeshza area lately. If you have been there in the last hour, he will send you back there instead of the zone-in. He can also help you getting to places within certain zones, such as Vex Thal or Yxtta.


Tradeskill Mistress

Surefall Glades

Celebrimba offers an alternate way to increase some of your tradeskills. It requires a Scroll of a Master Fletcher, a Scroll of a Master Tailor, or a Scroll of a Master Blacksmith.

Handing one of those scrolls to Celebrimba in will improve the corresponding tradeskill by 10 points. You can use Celebrimba’s service as long as your skill is 200 or lower.

The required scolls can be bought from Victor Vobomo in the same building as Celebimba or found in Mighty Treasure Chests.