Notable NPC

Sir Daniel

Progression, Level Cap

Plane of Knowledge

Lore - Sir Daniel is a noble paladin who has dedicated his life to serving the people of his kingdom. He is known for his unwavering commitment to justice and his meticulous attention to detail. Sir Daniel keeps track of everything, particularly the progression paths of travelers who pass through his kingdom. He believes that every journey is important and that every traveler deserves to be guided and protected. Sir Daniel is a beacon of hope for those who seek guidance and direction, and his wisdom and knowledge are highly respected throughout the land.

Get an update on your progression path from Sir Daniel! Note that for Velious, there are two separate group progression paths, and completing one unlocks Luclin instances. You can do Velious progression paths and get full rewards for both.

For characters with a level cap of 52, Sir Daniel offers to raise your level cap to 55 for 1000 platinum, and the same from 55 to 58. This feature is only needed in rare situations, such as for those who 2-box and want to tackle group missions without doing the solo-progression path first. It gives them a better chance to beat Vox and Nagafen with two characters of level 55 instead of level 52. For those playing in a full group, this level cap raise should not be needed, as you get the level cap increase by beating the progression.

But remember, the NPC spirits for progression only spawn in instances, not in the open world.


Epics, Class-Clickies

Plane of Knowledge

Meet Cloe, the custom currency merchant in EQ Might! She offers Epic 1.0 weapons for sale, with each weapon costing 2 Tokens of Epic Might, or 1 Token for classes that receive two weapons, as Warrior, Ranger, and Beastlord.

Cloe also sells augmentations to upgrade your Epic 1.0 to Epic 1.1, with most augmentations costing 3 Tokens of Epic Might. And for most spell-casting classes, she offers a clicky-item in exchange for a "Voucher for class buff artifact" or a "Voucher for group class buff artifact". Hail her to see what rewards she has for you, as not all classes get a reward.

To purchase a "Voucher for class buff artifact", you can visit Walter and exchange 10 Tokens of Might, but only if you have good faction with him. To gain good faction, you need to give him or Cloe an "Invaluable Coin", which can be obtained by winning a progression instance in Hard/Hard- mode.

And to request a mission in Hard mode, your party's Might must be half or less of the maximum allowed Might. For example, for an Instance of Innoruuk, you are automatically in Hard (or Hard-) mode if you enter with 15 (or 18) Might or less.


Sacrifice Level

Plane of Knowledge

Lore - In the dark and treacherous world of the underground, there was a female dark elf rogue who was feared and respected by all who knew her. Her name was Mazikeen, and she possessed unique and powerful ability that set her apart from all others. Mazikeen had the power to take people's experiences and exchange them for tokens of Might.

Mazikeen offers a unique service that allows you to de-level one level at a time, which can be useful if you want to lower your Might. However, you can't de-level under level 51.

If you sacrifice a level, you receive a Token of Might in return. Additionally, Mazikeen will teach you all disciplines and spells from level 46 up to your current level. However she will not teach you the level 60 spells (which would include Ancients) unless you sacrifice level 64 or higher. She will never teach you spells level 65 and above.

Sacrificing level 54+/57+/62+/64+/67 will earn you 1/2/3/4/10 AAs respectively in return. Mazikeen will teach you additional rogue skills such as sneak, backstab, offense and piercing.


Tradeskill Mistress

Surefall Glades

Lore - Celebrima is a skilled half-elf trade mistress who has dedicated her life to the art of tailoring and blacksmithing. Her expertise in both tailoring and blacksmithing has made her a valuable member of the community, and she is highly respected for her work. Despite her success, Celebrima remains humble and always willing to share her knowledge with others. She is a beloved member of the community and is often called upon to teach apprentices and share her skills with others. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to quality have made her a legend in Surefall Glades and beyond.

Celebimba provides an alternative method to enhance certain tradeskills. To utilize this service, you must possess a Master Scroll, such as a Scroll of a Master Fletcher, a Scroll of a Master Tailor or Scroll of a Master Blacksmith which can be obtained from Victor Vobomo in the same building as Celebimba or found in Mighty Treasure Chests. By presenting one of these scrolls to Celebimba, the corresponding tradeskill will be boosted by 10 points. This service is available to those with a skill level of 200 or lower.


Dungeon Master

Various zones

Similar to other dungeon masters, Lucifer assumes the role of a dungeon master. However, he possesses a higher level of intelligence compared to his counterparts. He has the ability to recall your previous actions. For instance, if you previously encountered him in Sactus Seru near the Inquisitor, he will transport you to that location in the future instead of the zone-in. Additionally, he has the capability to remember if you have recently visited the Emperor Ssraeshza area. If you have been there within the last hour, he will send you back there instead of the zone-in. Furthermore, he can assist you in navigating through specific zones, such as Vex Thal or Yxtta. 


Exchange Specialist

Plane of Knowledge

Lore - Pam, a mysterious figure shrouded in whispers, is known as the "Harbinger of Trade." Rumored to possess ancient knowledge, she facilitates the exchange of tokens and items between characters. With her enigmatic presence in the Plane of Knowledge, Pam has become an indispensable ally for those seeking to trade or empower their fledgling adventurers. 

Pam facilitates the exchange of trading Tokens of Might, Tokens of Epic Might and Tokens of Legendary Might, as well as items among characters belonging to the same player. In order to avail of Pam's services, certain conditions must be met: both characters must be in a group of two (excluding raids), present in the Plane of Knowledge, and connected to the same IP address on separate clients.

To initiate the process, approach Pam with the character who intends to offer tokens or an item to the other character. Pam will provide detailed instructions on how to utilize her services.

For item exchanges, it is necessary to possess the requisite fee in the form of reclaimed tokens. When exchanging an item, only the item itself needs to be handed over to Pam, not the accompanying tokens.

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