Server Features


Initially, levelling up to 52 is unlocked for new players. Higher levels can be reached through defeating progression targets. Sir Daniel in Plane of Knowledge informs you about your current progression. The level cap is 67.

Defeating an instanced progression target, such as Lord Nagafen, spawns a chest with extra goodies.

The main progression path is intended for parties. There is an alternate progression path for solo players. The two progression paths merge after completing Velious. For Luclin and beyond there is only one progression path.


The concept of might is intended to balance encounters and keep them challenging. See Might Table for further information.

Charm of Might

The concept of this server is a balance between tuning raid encounters to making them feasible for smaller parties and making the individual stronger, so they can face harder challenges. The Charm of Might strengthens the individual. It gains in strength as you progress through the expansions of EverQuest. You can further enhance it with appropriate augmentations that can either be bought for Tokens of Might or found in treasure chests from progression targets.

Aura of Might

The Aura of Might is a buff, which comes with 10 ranks that players may get when entering a group-instance. The idea behind the Aura of Might is to boost smaller parties’ (1 to 6 players) offense and defense, so they can deal with content which was decent for 9

To receive the Aura of Might, the party must be in mode Normal+ or higher. The smaller the party and the higher the mode, the better the Aura of Might. 

The buff lasts 4 hours and is marked as not dispellable. If you lose the buff, you can reenter the instance of relog to get it back. 


Origin and two levels of Mystical Attuning are available at no cost at level 1.

Omens of War AAs that are originally for level 67-70 are available at level 66.

Depths of Darkhollow AAs are available at level 67. The Serpent's Spine AAs are available at level 67 at increased costs. On top of that, selected out of era AAs are available starting at level 51. Further adjusting AAs will potentially be used for class balancing.

Veteran AAs are disabled.

Quality of Life

The server is meant to provide a good balance between challenge and comfort. Quality of life features include:

MacroQuest / E3

The server is boxing friendly. The IP limit is 9. MacroQuest and E3 are allowed. Fully automated / AFK-playing is not allowed.

Autoscribe and Skill

Autoscribe of spells, new disciplines and learning combat related skill is supported up to level 44. After that you have to skill up in combat and purchase your new spells. However, Mazikeen in Plane of Knowledge can reward you with new spells and skills if you make a sacrifice to her. See also Notable NPC.


Plane of Knowledge acts as a hub. There are various custom NPC that provide transporting to open-world and instance, trading and other services. Players' origin, reuse 30 seconds, returns them back to the hub.

XP gain / loss

Experience gain is boosted. You should be able to make level 30 in 1 hour. Experience in a raid is also boosted. There is still a raid experience penalty and the experience gain in a group is 5-10% faster than in a raid.

There is no experience loss when dying. Also, your equipment stays with you.


Some caps are increased. Here are some examples:


There are no level restrictions for buffs. Level 65 buffs stick on a level 1. There are some free buffs available from NPC in Planes of Knowledge. Talk to Fluffy and Gene.

Unique Features

Server Currency

The server features the following currencies:

Tokens of Might and Tokens of Legendary Might can be traded between two characters which have the same IP address. Talk to Pam.

Tokens of Might can be traded for Tokens of Epic Might. Talk to Walter. Requires faction.

Tokens of Epic Might can be traded for Tokens of Legendary Might. Talk to Cloe. Requires high faction.


Many fabled monster are in game. Some of them have been slightly tuned down, so their difficulty is in line with the boss of the zone. Some of the fabled items have their required level to equip lowered, e.g. The Fabled Tranquil Staff can be equipped at level 59 instead of 65. Fabled monsters have a considerably higher chance of dropping Tokens of Might.
There are also many unique fabled monsters, that you won't find anywhere else.

Epic 1.0 / 1.1

Gather Tokens of Epic Might and trade them for your Epic 1.0 weapon. Epic 1.0 weapons have a second slot for a type 6 augment. This augment increases damage and stats and represents the upgrade to the Epic 1.1. It makes the Epic weapon comparable to weapons of elemental quality. Epic 1.1 also have considerable bane damage against Lord Inquisitor Seru.

Legendary Items

A legedary item is an improved version of a regular item. A legendary armor item has an extra augmentation of slot type 15. Legendary weapons have an extra augmentation of slot type 6 - equal to Epic weapons. Legendary items also have a minimum of HP/Mana/Endurance, depending on their tier.

Legendary items drop from legendary chests. Some of them can be bought with Legendary Tokens of Might.

Here is a comparison between a regular item and its legendary version:

Runed Bolster Belt

Magic, Lore

AC 5

Haste 31%

Strength 10, Stamina 10, Dexterity 10

Slot 1 Type 7

Legendary Runed Bolster Belt

Magic, Lore, No Trade

AC 5

HP 80, Mana 80, End 80

Haste 31%

Strength 10, Stamina 10, Dexterity 10

Slot 1 Type 7

Slot 2 Type 15


The idea is to keep the good part of the EverQuest expereience as authentic as possible. All NPC adjustments are made selectively. Adjustments are mainly directed at raid targets or raid zones. Adjustments include lowering the hps, damage output, resists, aggro-radius, spells and possibly other abilities of NPCs or events.

All DT and banish abilities of NPCs should be removed.

Some, but not all, "annoying" spells of NPCs have been removed, including but not limited to fear, snare, root, gate, dispell, blind, tash.

Reduced respawn timer of many open world raid targets to a value from 2 hours to 1 day.


Out of combat regeneration is available, but not at an increased rate. It starts earlier than by default. After engaging a raid target, it only takes 90 seconds to be out of combat instead of 5 minutes.

Hard Mode

If you request an instance with half or less of the suggested Might you are in hard-mode and are granted a better reward when defeating the final boss.

Easy Mode

Easy mode allows you to bring more Might to a instance than intended. This can help with challenging battles or speed up long instances such as Temple of Veeshan or Vex Thal. Easy mode instances count for progression, but yield a lesser reward.

General Info