Gates of Discord


There are some shortcuts available for the progression in Gates of Discord.

Besides those, the regular progression applies:

Progression Shortcuts

Smith Rondo Event and Access to Kod'Taz

To access Kod'Taz you need either:

a) Hail the spectral memory of Smith Rondo, or

b) do the four sewer trials, as well as Vext and Tipt. All six instances are requested in Barindu.

Once you completed either path, zone into Kod'Taz from Natimbi to complete the flag. After this you will also be able to zone into Kod'Taz from Yxtta.

Smith Rondo

Access to Qvic, Prayer Grounds of Calling

To access Qvic you need access to Kod'Taz, and the two quests item "Sliver of the High Temple" and "Fragment of the High Temple".

Once in possession of both items, you can zone into Qvic from within Kod'Taz. After that, you can talk to Madronoa for direct access to Qvic from Natimbi.

Sliver of the High Temple

Sliver of the High Temple is dropped by the chests in the Ikkinz 4 raid after defeating the final boss. In order to be able to request this raid instance, a series of quests in Kod'Taz need to be done as well as the Ikkinz group instances 1-3 and the Ikkinz raid instances 1-3. Please refer to the link at the top of the page if you want to do take this path and need guidance. If you prefer to spend no or minimal time with the Kod'Taz quests and Ikkinz trials, there are three shortcuts available to retrieve the Sliver of the High Temple, the latter two of which are EQ-Might specific:

Once in possession of the "Sliver of the High Temple" hand it to Tublik Narwethar. He will hand you back an alternate version of the item.

Fragment of the High Temple

"Fragment of the High Temple" is dropped by the chests of Vrex Barxt Qurat, the final boss in Uqua. If you prefer to skip Uqua, you can buy the "Fragment of the High Temple" from Adrienne in Plane of Knowledge for Tokens of Legendary Might.


Intuk'ta is an instance, which is accessible through Qvic. Fight your way through the tunnels towards Aganetti the Keeper - he offers the instances for Intuk'ta. (Unlike on live, Cynosure Kvanjji may be up and you can still request the instance.)

Hail the Ghost of Aganetti by the entrance to Intuk'ta to unlock direct access to this location through Chuck in Plane of Knowledge.

Defeat Noqfiel, the final boss of Intuk'ta to grant the third piece which is needed to make the Cipher of Txevu (hand-in quest in Abysmal Sea), which grants access to Txevu.

Txevu and Tacvi

See Unlocking level 67 for progression and Teleports to find out how to unlock direct teleports to Txevu.

Breakdown in Communications

You can acquire the Dirty Green Gemstone from Adrienne for 3 Tokens of Legendary Might. (Make sure you get the correct one for your class.)

L’diava Rexxen in Abysmal Sea accepts you handing in Xounii’s Journal Page 1 without being flagged for it. This means you need to do step 1 and then can jump to step 114 at


Tradeskills are required for Progression in Gates of Discord.

Blacksmithing and Tailoring skill 141 (241 on live) are required to make the Abysmal Armor. (141 can also be reached with a lower skill and a 15% skill modifier item, such as the gloves from blob 1 in VT.) However, Meldstones and the crafted items are tradable. Thus, you can ask other players to do the combines for you.


There are various cross-zone and in-zone teleports available, some of which have to be unlocked.

Plane of Knowledge

Ella the Wolf offers teleports to:

Chuck offeres teleports to:

Kod Taz

Ghost of Tublik at zone in, offers teleports to:


Lucifer, at zone line to Kod Taz, Uqua side, offers teleports to:

Ghost of Uqua and Ghost of the Primals can send you back to Lucifer.


Ghost of Aganetti, at zone line to Intuk'Ta, offers teleport to:

Unlocking Level 67

Unlocking level 67 requires two steps.

Soul Essence of Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk

Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk is immune to melee damage and spell damage. He can be damage by pets, irresistable attacks and bane weapons. He casts Wanton Destruction, an AoE curse with a mana drain over time. This should be cured either with two casts of Radiant Cure or a single cast of Remove Greater Curse. E.g. by adding the following line to your E3, and replace "Lisa" with name of your character you want to have cured.

Cure=Remove Greater Curse/Lisa/CheckFor|Wanton Destruction

If you cannot defeat Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk in an instance of mode Normal (which corresponds to 12 level 66 characters), you may want to team up with someone and to defeat him and gain access to Tacvi. Then gear up in Tacvi, gather more bane weapons from Qvic and come back to Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk afterwards.

Tunat`Muram Cuu Vauax