What are the most important aspects in the concept of this server?

There were various aspects considered when putting the concept of this server together. In some cases, they stand in conflict.

How long will it take me to level up?

Experience gain is boosted noticeably. You will be able to level a whole group from 1 to 50 in a few hours. You gain particularly good experience from defeating red and yellow con monsters.
Experience in a raid is boosted as well. It is almost as good as experience in a group of the same size.

How do I raise my level cap?

Your initial level cap is 52. To raise that to 55, you need to complete Tier 1, either in group or solo instances. Group: defeat Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen in an instanced zone and hail the progression Spirit that spawn upon their defeat.

Can I solo?

There are two progression paths: one is for groups, the other is for solo players.
Currently, solo missions are available up to and including Luclin (unlocks level cap 62). For expansions beyond, there is only one progression path.

What can I do with the server currency?

There are four server currencies.

For some of the items to become available, you need to increase your faction with Walter and Cloe first.

How do I earn Tokens of Might?

Tokens of Might can drop from most named. Low level named have a chance of 1-3% of dropping Token of Might. Higher level named, and particularly fabled, have a much higher chance of dropping. The highest chance comes from chests. Small treasure chests drop 1 to 5 Tokens of Might. Larger treasure chests can drop more.

Tokens of Epic Might are gained in the same way, they are just rarer and drop mainly from high level fabled, progression bosses and chests.

Here is an example if you do an Innoruuk instance:





There are intermediate modes, like Easy+ or Normal-, which are not documented above.

Chests also contain additional items, particularly the Hard Mode Chest always contains an Invaluable Coin for faction with Merchants of Might.

What's the fastest way to get Tokens of Epic Might for my Epic 1.0?

Realistically, you can expect to get your first Epic 1.0 once you can defeat progression targets, such as Lady Vox or Lord Nagafen.

What's the idea behind Might?

The concept of Might puts a party's power within a bandwidth. That is the main driver to un-trivialize content. You will not be able to engage Lady Vox or Lord Nagafen with a level 60 character. Every (instanced) encounter should therefore always be non-trivial. As consequence, for now, there are no lockouts. You can do your favourite encounter back-to-back if you wish to do so.

Might on the otherhand, can be a hindrance at times. E.g., when you want to do a certain target and your party's might doesn't fit in the given bandwidth. That may be particularly true if you team up with someone and you combined Might is too high to get the chest reward. However, you can always do the instances without the chest rewards.

Might may also appear confusing at first, specially if you don't like numbers. The server greeter can tell you your party's might. The Might-Table gives some examples for standard party sizes.

How do I get a progression instance?

Progression instances for Permafrost and Nagafen's Lair are given by Marta and Linda inside the corresponding zones. You hail them, select the instance, then hail again to get the option to enter the instance with your party, and remove yourself from the instance.

Most other instances are received directly in Plane of Knowledge from Amenadiel and the Dungeon Masters.

Is the bandwidth of Might for instances a hard limit?

The minimum Might is a hard limit and should stop people from wasting their own time in an instance that is out of their league.

The suggested Might is a soft limit. However, the more you exceed it, the lesser the reward. If you exceed it substantially (over 250%), it will count as trivial, and there won't be any chest reward. You still receive the progression flag. You cannot request an instance if you exceed its suggested Might by more than 400%.

Also note, the level minimum for instances are hard limits.