EQ Might

EQ Might is an level-based EverQuest progression server. It is accessible through the standard EQEmu log-in servers from EQEmulator and PEQ.

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EQ Might is a level-based progression server that offers an exciting adventure for players. The server has an initial level cap of 52, and players must defeat instanced progression targets to unlock higher levels and progress through two challenging paths. The main path is designed for multi-box players, but solo/duo players also have an alternate progression path available up to level 65.

EQ Might features a hub in the Plane of Knowledge with custom NPCs that provide various services, such as teleports to dungeons and wares for Tokens of Might. Throughout Norrath, players can find named NPCs that drop Tokens of Might. The server also includes many custom fabled NPCs for different difficulty levels, including fabled instances of Nagafen's Lair, Karnor's Castle, Umbral Plains, and Bastion of Thunder.

As players progress, they receive a custom charm that becomes stronger with each new augmentation found. Defeating challenging opponents yields treasure chests and sometimes legendary items, which are more powerful versions of other existing items.

The Aura of Might boosts the offense and defense of smaller parties in instanced zones, making tough battles more manageable. The server has recently added Tier 10 and increased the level cap to 68, ensuring that the adventure never ends.

Players can gather their own party or join with friends to take on the ultimate challenge. The recommended party size is 6 up to and including Velious, and 9 for Luclin and beyond. However, it's worth noting that all content has been successfully completed by parties of 9, and all content up to and including Luclin has been beaten by parties of 3. The server has an IP limit of 10 plus 2 backups. The only limit is the player's determination and skill. Are you ready to embark on the EQ Might adventure?

The Concept of Might

EQ Might introduced the concept of Might. Your characters' initial Might is 0, but as you progress through the levels, your Might increases, starting at level 45. At level 52, your Might reaches 1, at level 55 it soars to 4, and at level 60, it reaches 10.

EQ Might offers several instanced zones for progression targets that you can request, each with a suggested Might - the sum of the Might of your entire party. For group progression, the first targets are The Ghoul Lord, Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen, and for all instances, the Might of your party should be 6, corresponding to a group of 6 level 52 characters.

If you request instances with a party's Might exceeding the suggested value, there will be a lesser reward. The idea behind this concept is to un-trivialize the content for higher level groups, challenging even the most skilled players to adjust their strategies and tactics.

Server Rules

Harassment of any kind is strictly prohibited. Standard Macroquest / E3 are allowed. Warping or AFK playing, exploiting, hacks, or cheats of any kind, kill-stealing or leap-froggin will not be tolerated.

Any offense against the rules will lead to a warning, and in case of repetition, a suspension or ban of the account.