EQ Might

EQ Might is an EverQuest server available through the standard EQEmu log-in server.

Initial go-live was July 4, 2022. New content is added on a regular basis.

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EQ Might is a  level-based progression server. You start with an initial level cap of 52 and unlock more levels by defeating instanced progression targets. There are two progression paths.

There is a hub in PoK with custom NPCs that offer various services, such as teleports to dungeons or wares for Tokens of Might which you find on named NPCs all over Norrath.

EQ Might features a large number of custom fabled NPCs for all levels of difficulty, including fabled instances of Nagafen's Lair, Karnor's Castle, Umbral Plains and Bastion of Thunder.

You start out with a custom charm that gains strength as you progress and find new augmentations to enhance it.

NEW as of February 2023: Many lower tier items are tradable. Most items from Velious up to Qvic are attunable instead of no-trade. Most items have their required level replaced by a recommended level and no or a lower required level.

NEW as of February 2023: The Aura of Might grants smaller parties in instanced zones a boost to their offense and defense.

NEW as of March 2023: Tier 10 and level cap of 68 are now available.

Simplified progression - e. g. many doors in the old world, such as access to Sebilis don't need a key. Defeating Emperor Ssra gives access to Vex Thal. Defeating Agnarr gives access to Plane of Air. Defeating Smtih Rondo gives access to Kod' Taz.

The recommended party size up to and including Velious is 6. For Luclin and beyond, the recommended party size is 9. (All content has been beaten by parites of 9. All content up to and including Luclin has been beaten by parties of 5.) The IP limit is 10 plus 2 backups.

The Concept of Might

EQ Might introduces the concept of Might. Your characters' initial Might is 0 and increase, starting at level 45. At level 52 the Might is 1, at level 55 it is 4, at level 60 it is 10. There are several instanced zones for progression targets that you can request. These instances come with a suggested Might - that is, the sum of the Might of your entire party.

For group progression, the first two targets are Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen. For both instances, the Might of your party should be 6, which correpsonds to a group of 6 level 52 characters. You can request instances with a party's Might exceeding the suggested value, but there will be a lesser reward.

The idea behind this concept is to un-trivialize the content for higher level groups. You can still go back and play old content, but you have to adjust.

Current Status

Tier 1 to 9 are fully implemented. Additional content is added regularly.

Acknowledgements: This server was inspired by the work of other servers, particularly The Dark Exile and Visons of Grandeur.

Server Rules

An offense against the rules leads first to a warning and in case of repetition to a suspension/ban of the account.