Pets on EQ Might are boosted. They have noticeably more health and do more damage than by default. Fully buffed pets of level 67 Beastlords, Magicians and Necromancers do 700 damage per second or more, which is comparable to a level 65 DPS class character.

The Druid's level 55 Naturewalker's Behest is a real pet and not just a toy. It is pretty tanky and comparable to a slightly lower level Magician's water elemental pet. Druids get another pet spell at level 64.

Enchanters get access to the Magician's Summon Monster line. These pets are considerably stronger than the Enchanter's regular pets.

All pets have increased run speed.

Pets do not receive the Aura of Might buff.

Pet Power Focus

Pet Power is a focus effect, which increases the level and stats of a pet when it is summoned. For Pet Power Focus to work, the summon pet spell needs to support pet power. The Magician's Epic pet or the SK's Son of Decay, for example, do not. Some spells around level 61 may support pet power up to 30 or 35 but not higher. Most spells level 66 and higher support pet power up to 45.

Here is a table that shows a subset of stats which the level 67 Necromancer pet has, depening on the pet power focus. The first line represents the stat of the pet without pet focus. The next line is for pet power 15, then 20, and so on.

Table with Level, HPs and Damage of Necromancer Level 67 Pet.

Here is a list of pet power focus effects and items, which provide them.

Focus Effect: Minion of Darkness

Pet Power: 20

Focus Effect: Minion of Eternity

Pet Power: 25

Focus Effect: Ritual Summoning

Pet Power: 30

Focus Effect: Minion of Discord

Pet Power: 35

Focus Effect: Servant of Chaos

Pet Power: 40

Focus Effect: Spire Servant

Pet Power: 45

Pet Illusions

There are a couple of items available that allow you to change the appearance of your pet.

Pet Items

Besides using Magician spells, there are a couple of items, which can summon items for pets:

In addition, Gene in Plane of Knowledge offers Summoned: Belt of Magi`Kot for free.

Items with Summon Pet

There is a handful of custom items available, which can summon a pet. You can find them under the Items list.